Zipline Puerto Rico

Zipline Over the biggest and deepest sinkhole in the Island. This zipline adventure is located inside the Camuy Cave River Park. Here you will enjoy two zipline rides. The first one is 750 ft long and 420 ft high (4th higest line in Puerto Rico) and the second one is 680 ft long and 409 ft high(5 highest in the Island). In both of them you will go over the Camuy river and see the caves.

Tres Pueblos Sinkhole (Three Towns Sinkhole) is the biggest sinkhole in Island where the boundaries of the municipalities of Camuy, Hatillo and Lares lies . Each time you are in a different platform you will be in a different Town. The first line goes from Camuy to Hatillo and the second one goes from Camuy to Lares. The second one its called the last step because you will go from a stairs to a 400 ft plunge.