Zipline and Cave Tubing Adventure

In this Adventure you will visit the Tanama river in the Arecibo area. It starts with a hike to a wonderful view of the Arecibo Observatory. After that we will continue our hike to a 250 ft long zipline that will take your breath away with the view of the first cave and second cave. Here is where most participants rest a while for the next activity.

When we are all set we will jump into the water to start the cave tubing. We will visit 2 caves in river tubes and we will se some amazing water curtains and springs. At the exit of the second cave we do a small stop and you will have the option of submerging into the water to visit a secret cave.

Tour isn’t over yet. Now the guides will show you the best tricks to do the white water tubing. Wile you are in the white water tubing you will pass some rapids and also some amazing canons all the way until you get to the third and last cave. At the exit of this cave you will do a small climb and the hike back to the cars.  Duration 4-6 hours.

Good physical condition is required for this adventure. Minimum age is 12.

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