Dificulty Levels


We divide our tours by difficulty to make sure you are picking the correct adventure for your group. Here you will find a list of categories we divided our tours into, depending of their difficulty and physical conditions require for each one.  At the end of each tour post you will see the rate of each one. To ensure safety you need to be able to complete and be alert and fit for all tours so be sure to pick the right one for you.

For all tours you will need good physical condition. The maximum waist size 42 waist limits are provided by OEM not by us. Please dont overestimate your qualifications. It can be a safety hazard for you and for the team.



Easy adventures go from 0 to 25 in our difficulty scale. This means that mostly all people can do it.


Intermediate difficulty goes from 26 to 50. This tour is for the average person. If you have 0 condition or you are obese you may not qualify for this one.


Hard goes from 51 to 75. The closer to 75 the more harder it is. The average person can be able to do this kind of adventures. But it is highly recommended to have good physical condition to enjoy more.


The extreme difficulty is mosly for people that participate in at least one exercise routine each week. It requiere great physical condition and the closest it gets to the 100 the harder it is. This kind of tours are not recommended for average people because they will not enjoy them so much.  If you are not sure if you qualify for this you will probably not and we strongly recommend for you to pick another one.


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