Extreme Cave Tubing Adventure

EXTREME CAVE TUBING (5:00 – 8:00 hours)( We only have the zipline and cave tubing adventure available at the moment) 

Come with us to do the most extreme commercial cave tubing on the planet.

What’s included (Please Scroll down for a detailed description of each one)

  1. Free pictures 
  2. Hiking
  3. View to the Arecibo Observatory
  4. Cave Tubing and Caving ( Biggest cave for cave tubing in the Americas)
  5. White Water Tubing (most extreme in the Caribbean)
  6. Waterfalls and water curtains
  7. Canons
  8. Cave Submersion (Optional)
  9. Cliff Jumping (Optional)
  10. Rock Climbing


Get out the beaten path and go deep inside a tropical forest where you can see the biodiversity of this region of the planet.  The walls of rock are formed by the coral that was under the sea millions of years ago and the roots of trees like the Cupey will make you feel like you are in the Avatar movie.

 View to the Arecibo Observatory

With 1000 ft in diameter and over 500 ft high, the Arecibo Observatory is the biggest active radio telescope on the planet. This radio telescope is capable of emitting and receiving radio frequencies to and from space.

Cave Tubing and Caving ( Biggest cave for cave tubing in the Americas)

Yes in this adventure you will visit the BIGGEST cave for commercial cave tubing in the Americas and we are the only company that tubes inside it. The impressive entrance of over 200 ft tall and over 300 wide will leave you speechless. No picture will make justice to this place. The walls to the side that are about 700 ft tall give it a little touch. We assure you that this will be one of the highlight of your trip in Puerto Rico and when you see this cave it will be one of those memories you will have for the rest of your life.

In this adventure you will pass one big cave and 2 more tunnels. Other caves in the area will be visited depending on participants physical condition. All pictures are real. No special effects.

White Water Tubing

Like white water rafting, white water tubing is an exiting activity done with river tubes to go down rough water.

This is the longest and most extreme tubing in the entire Caribbean.

Waterfalls and water curtains

In this adventure you will have the chance to visit 3 wonderful waterfalls and if you are lucky enough you will see a 4th waterfall that is over 600 ft tall and it forms amazing rainbows on its way down. ( 4th waterfall is only visible the day after a big rain)

Water Curtains are form in the entrance or exits of caves by natural springs that comes down the mountain. Depending on the specific place you can even drink this water.


Part of the tubing will be done inside a few canons that are from 100 ft to 700 ft high. Don’t let the relaxing views entertain you to much because some white water tubing and a big cave awaits for you after the calm water.

Cave Submersion (Optional)

This free of charge experience will be optional for those who are a little bit more extreme. In this part you can go into a complete submersion to then exit into a secret cave discovered by the tour guides. We call it “Cueva Secreta”.

If you are ready and you think you Qualify for this extreme cave tubing come and join us for an adventure you will never forget.

Rock Climbing

When you finish the tubing a small 10 ft wall will be the only exit out of the river. This climb is easy for most participants that are really qualified for this adventure.



 This adventure is NOT FOR EVERYONE, it lasts about 6 hours or more, depending on the group size, and requires good physical and mental condition. We will be visiting caves where the only light you will see is from the headlamps we will be providing. If you are afraid of the dark to the point that you can have a panic attack, then we do not recommend that you attend this adventure. This adventure is not recommended for those with claustrophobia. To reach our starting point at the river we hike for about an hour, up and down hills, then we float/walk down the river for 3-4 hours. The hike back to the parking lot takes about another hour or so. If you feel that you are not mentally prepared, do not like nature or do not have the physical condition please let us know so we can try to exchange the excursion for one of our more simpler adventures. If you meet the requirements then we welcome you to an adventure you will never forget.

Price ;

 $130.00 per participant.


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